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Clean tech

Sustainable innovations are great as long as other partners in the chain, such as government and potential customers are enthusiastic about them. Schuttelaar & Partners is highly experienced in making innovations in the field of clean technology.

Delivering on the promise of clean technology

The development and application of innovative clean technology is one of the keys to a more sustainable future. Much is needed as the challenges are numerous, for example climate change, food supply, water scarcity, sustainable energy etc. To help develop sustainable innovations, it is essential to recognize and support citizens, business and the government. It can also be the case that, after more in-depth research, your marketing department still needs to be convinced, or the chain-partners do not see the benefits yet. Regardless of how smart a new technology may be, every innovation needs to be introduced in a smart way to promote support and uptake. We know how to help in this regard.


Schuttelaar & Partners is specialised in involving all relevant stakeholders, so the innovation can become a success. The Technology & Society team of Schuttelaar & Partners consists of experts with a strong content-specific knowledge, extensive experience in implementing sustainable innovations in clean technology, and a talent for communicating their impact.

Holland Bioplastics

Most plastics we use are synthetic and developed from oil. However, for several years now, industrial leaders have been bringing products made from vegetable materials to the market.

Schuttelaar & Partners helps Holland Bioplastics, the Dutch trade association of manufacturers of biomaterials such as polylactic acid, to promote the use of bioplastics.

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