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No pain no gain! Truly sustainable innovations often threaten the status quo; hence it does not always fits the trends  within the existing policy and legal framework. Together with our clients, we work towards a better world by creating support for their innovations among decision makers at the European Union, national and local levels

Promoting dialogue

Modern interest representation is open and transparent. We actively look for allies, build coalitions of like-minded  individuals and speak with a powerful voice. Schuttelaar & Partners knows its way around Brussels, The Hague and other European capitals. We know where the interests lay and with whom we need to enter into dialogue. Our aim is to foster mutual understanding and the proven tool in this process is dialogue.

We put forward the most relevant themes in the field of health and sustainability. The means we use in this regard are panel discussions, diner debate and/or opinion articles. However, deciding which means is the best suited, a solid stakeholder and issue analysis is performed. We identify the most relevant policy-makers and processes and, together with our client, we develop an impactful strategy.

As an experienced communication consultancy, we guide the execution of the strategy in order to achieve perfect timing and develop necessary communication tools. We help our clients get a seat at the table, ensuring that no decisions are considered without our client’s input. Lastly, we manage the secretariat of a number of trade associations, guaranteeing their structured impact in the field.

Materiaalverhuur als sleutel voor de circulaire economie

Het verhuren van materieel voor bouwprojecten of evenementen biedt grote voordelen. Het is efficiënter dan dat iedere eindgebruiker zijn eigen machines aanschaft en professionele verhuurders kunnen hogere standaarden waarmaken op het gebied van onderhoud en arbeidsveiligheid. Bovendien zijn verhuurders een sterke gesprekspartner voor de producenten zodat zij betere duurzaamheidsprestaties kunnen bespreken.

In het kader van de circulaire economie helpen wij de European Rental Association (ERA) om dit bij beleidsmakers onder de aandacht te brengen onder meer door een lobby-traject en de argumentatie toe te lichten in een digitale brochure ›

Insects as a sustainable source of proteins

The International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed (IPIFF) aims to make the insect industry prosper by promoting insects as a source of animal proteins for both human consumption and animal feed. The organisation is composed of 28 members from 14 different countries.

Since late 2014 Schuttelaar & Partners has been managing the secretariat of IPIFF and further professionalized its communications and the public affairs activities. Schuttelaar & Partners has succeeded in expanding the membership base from five to almost thirty. Today, IPIFF is well known by European media and institutions as the leading voice for the insect breeders.

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