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Transparency is an essential part of CSR and helps to build trust among stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, governments. These stakeholders increasingly want to know how businesses contribute to sustainability by maximizing their positive impacts and minimizing or eliminating their negative ones. By following a solid CSR reporting process, organizations have more clarity on which issues are the most prominent for their business as well as for their stakeholders. Our vision of CSR reporting is that it is a strategic exercise and is a means to an end and not an end in itself. 

Successful CSR reporting

While you may have different reasons for communicating on sustainability management and performance of your organization, CSR reporting offers several benefits: It reinforces the reputation to customers and the labour market and it involves and informs stakeholders and motivates employees. Furthermore, CSR reporting contributes to the distinctiveness in relation to competitors and encourages innovation and partnership. We have relevant in-house expertise  to develop impactful CSR reporting, aligned with the latest GRI Standards, the Transparency Benchmark and <IIRC> Framework.

The road to a successful CSR report includes a number of steps. The basis is the materiality analysis. This analysis indicates the subjects important for both the organisation and the outside world. After determining these subjects the data-collection starts. A good sustainability report includes reliable numbers. It can be a significant effort to retrieve the necessary data. Based on our experience and expertise, Schuttelaar & Partners can support this process.

The manner in which the report is presented determines ultimately the success. Together with the client we determine the goal, the target audience, the form (online versus offline) and the red threat running through the report. In this process, we greatly benefit from our experience and our awareness of the latest trends. Once all this is determined, Schuttelaar & Partners develops the concept. Here it is central that the report is accessible with a fitting tone-of-voice and an appealing lay-out. Throughout the process, our specialised text-writers, designers and web-developers guarantee to make every report unique.

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