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Crisis is a situation which can threaten the very own existence of your organisation. In these situations, your organisation is in the spotlight, receiving full attention from the government, media outlets and other important stakeholders. In order to cope with the sudden and immense workload, fast and well thought actions are necessary.

A good start is half the work

Many organisations encounter difficulties in responding to  unexpected journalists, asking difficult questions. This is not an unthinkable scenario. Mistakes are made everywhere: production could fail, a safety incident could occur, sound or smell nuisance are possible etc. Not to mention lawsuits or  fraud cases. Social media adds a level of complexity to this chaos, as online rumours can go viral, causing significant damage. A crisis not dealt with adequately can cause a lot of harm. This can heavily impact your organisation’s credibility, reputation and possibly its turnover. This is why transparency is essential in these situations.

In case of crisis, a crisis team must not only determine an appropriate communication strategy, but also immediately implement it. Bearing in mind viral effects of social media platforms, the available time for action is very limited. That is why a good preparation is essential.

We can assist in all aspects of the crisis communication, including making an assessment if your organization is crisis-proof, preparing it for the future unforeseeable events, and even providing 24/7 support to the crisis team on the spot. Furthermore, we develop crisis procedures, execute crisis simulations and deliver trainings for spokespersons. We also monitor online and offline media and make use of our broad network, establishing relevant contacts.

When you have a direct need of crisis support, you can call our 24-hour crisis line:
+31 (0)70 – 318 44 41.

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