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Our full-service communications team develops communications with impact. We have all the expertise in house to develop effective communications for the most important channels, ranging from the creation of strategies to their full implementation.

Making use of new media

The field of communications is constantly enriched with innovations. The digital world offers unparalleled opportunities to organisations. At the same time, it is now more essential than ever to have up-to-date knowledge about all media platforms.

We make active use of innovations in the world of communications. With specialists who can  service the entire media landscape, we help our clients become visible and successful.

Our team consists of experts in the field of communications, media strategy & positioning, concept development & design, PR, online magazines, web development and social media. We love new digital media channels. At the same time, we remain critical to ensure our clients are present only where it is relevant and where most impact can be generated, both online and offline. We do not let means drive our thinking. We are driven by our aim to achieve a positive impact.


Bridging the 'Internet of Things' and the agri-food sector

S&P leads the communication activities of the IoF2020, a Horizon 2020 project aiming at demonstrating how the agri-food sector can benefit from the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) technologies. The project is expected to deliver full-scale demonstrations of IoT solutions into the agri-food sector and pave the way towards a more sustainable and efficient sector (e.g. food waste reduction).

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Patrick Reijnen

Managing director communications

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