Ambitious goals

The ambition of the project is to provide more than 10,000 coffee farmers with a liveable income. We also want to make their livelihoods more climate-proof, strengthen the social and economic position of women and improve ecological conditions.

Our analysis revealed that several issues hinder coffee cultivation in Burundi. In particular old coffee bushes, lack of access to financing and the impact of a changing climate play a strong role. The results of this analysis were validated by local experts and formed the base for the next phase of the project.

Rejuvenating coffee trees

During this phase, in which Schuttelaar & Partners will coordinate the project, the various project partners are working on, among other things, gradually rejuvenating coffee trees by planting young trees and climate-resistant varieties. We are also working on diversifying plots with shade trees, vegetables, and fruits. To provide further assistance, we provide training on good agricultural practices. A total of 434 farmers have now participated in the trainings.