Strategic Consultant

Noreen ter Beke

Companies come to us with a divers range of questions about sustainability and health. Smaller and larger companies, both in business as government organisations. They come with different questions, but all with the same drive to make more sustainable and healthy choices. Some companies allready took a lot of steps, it is inspiring to work with these companies. Others still stand at the beginning, and I like to help them as well, help developing their own path. I always work with highly motivated and smart colleagues from Schuttelaar, which also brings a lot of fun and motivation.

About Noreen

I like to work with enthusiastic people, bringing companies from A to B (or C when requested :-)). Based on a quick but solid analysis, together with the customer I make a customised plan. I always search for an optimum mix of people and tools or activities. I like to move between content and communication. The one can’t exist without the other. What I love most is the more complex projects, trying to make the most of it in short time. In the meantime, I have a lot of experience working at strategic (communication)issues, as well as implementing or organising activitites. It is the combination of those that I like the most.