Mahmoud Al-Refaai

I'm Mahmoud, a web developer, and a computer science student. Utilising my programming skills for a positive impact and enhance people's life is my passion, and that is exactly what I do here with my awesome colleagues in the digital team at S&P. As a non-Dutch Muslim guy, I'm impressed with the open and understanding culture of S&P, where I feel home expressing my identity and further working on projects that align with my belief toward a healthy world.

About Mahmoud

As a web developer, I love developing clean and intuitive user interfaces that simplify complex functionalities and enjoy taking the extra effort to refine the tiny details for a delightful user experience. During my work at S&P, I develop websites and applications with maintainability and robustness in mind, and occasionally I get involved with interesting researches in various fields such as blockchain. I always strive for modular and reusable solutions and love exploring new areas trying to push the boundary of what can be achieved.

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