Senior Consultant

Judy Koppenjan

I am an ambitious, positive person with a passion for ecology and sustainability. I have been fascinated with biology from an early age and have been able to turn this fascination into my work. In my current position, I am contributing to creating a Netherlands with beautiful, biodiverse landscapes in which a fair earning is available for various land users.

About Judy

I am very proactive, I like to take on new challenges and I enjoy working on complex interdisciplinary projects. With my university specialization in ecology and management of natural resources, I have knowledge on environmental management as well as ecological processes. In my current projects, I work as project coordinator and advisor on the themes of biodiversity, landscape and sustainable agriculture. I am closely involved in the coordination and strategic development of the Delta Plan for Biodiversity Recovery (Deltaplan Biodiversiteitsherstel in Dutch), and I coordinate the development of the Dutch Living Planet Report 2023 (secondment to WWF-NL).