Senior Managing Consultant

Hannet Johannes

Involving people from the start in the development of policy and thus working towards a better relationship between citizens and government. That is what makes me happy. Because policy is always better when you make it with stakeholders and interested parties. My name is Hannet and with my healthy curiosity I look at what drives people and how things work. Within projects I enthuse, involve and connect people and I ensure a safe environment where everyone comes into his own.

About Hannet

Because of my background in a political party I feel very much at home in the political, administrative and social playing field and I enjoy bringing them together. Whether it's about setting up a participation strategy for a project in the built environment, advising on citizen involvement for a new traffic vision or guiding a townhall meeting about natural gas-free living: I gives me energy. I’m at my best when many different interests have to be reconciled, and I can play chess on different boards at the same time.

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