Douwe de Maijer

As a former chef, I am dedicated to enabling a sustainable and robust agrifood sector. I aim to achieve this by shaping practical and sustainable business models for farmers, promoting ecosystem rewards. Simultaneously, I believe in facilitating consumers to make well-informed choices about the social and ecological impact of their decisions through transparent communication. By combining scientific knowledge with actionable strategies and effective communication, I aspire to drive transformations towards a resilient and transparent agrifood industry.

About Douwe

In my academic career, I have worked as a student researcher in agricultural biodiversity at the University of Amsterdam. Additionally, my contributions to the SustainPalm project during my master’s thesis have set the fundaments for further research into the sustainability of various oil palm farming systems in Indonesia. I'm recognized for my analytical skills and have a proactive approach to taking initiative. Proficient in handling data, I excel at translating complex information into accessible content. In addition, during my internship at S&P, I've integrated my previous experiences into the domain of public affairs and communication.

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