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Healthy World Cooperation

Time for change

In the summer of 1995, Marcel Schuttelaar founded a company like no other in the Netherlands - Schuttelaar & Partners, a strategic and communication consultancy. Right from the start, the company focused on communications and strategic advice, aiming to make companies and organisations more socially and environmentally responsible.  From the beginning, focus areas were agri-food, environment and innovations related to these fields.

Marcel Schuttelaar: “I worked for 15 years as a campaign manager in consumer and environmental organisations. Together with the co-shareholder, Ton Winkelman I foresaw that the market needed new expertise. From the very start, we had an ambitious goal in mind - Schuttelaar & Partners aimed at achieving an annual revenue  of over 10%”.  20 years after, we have a turnover of €6 million and work with more than 200 clients.


The organisation grew internally during this period as well. A management team became responsible for the daily management of the organisation. We also established an Advisory Board with prominent scientists from our fields of interest. They provide guidance in determining future direction of the company

Our annual Societal Cafés, gathering stakeholders to discuss pertinent issues, are of high importance for  maintaining a close  relationship with our  surroundings. In the early 2000s, we introduced a certificate-holder system with the aim of sharing profit and enabling employees to participate financially in the organisation.

FLTR Tijmen de Vries, Marcel Schuttelaar, Harry Kager, Ad Nagelkerke, Edwin Hecker, Suzanne van der Pijll, Ronald Hiel,  Joost Schuttelaar



After the company reached the size of 60 employees, it was time to think about the continuity of Schuttelaar & Partners. In the summer of 2010, Schuttelaar & Partners became the operating company of the Healthy World Cooperation U.A.

The Healthy World Cooperation functions as a holding, meaning it manages and has full ownership of   Schuttelaar & Partners. The two founders of Schuttelaar & Partners sold their shares and certificates of the employees were bought back. The new holding is operated by six members, who all invested in the organisation. They all committed themselves to the Healthy World Cooperation for a period of at least five years.

The status of Healthy World Cooperation determines that societal goals should always come first and that the holding cannot be sold. The management of Schuttelaar & Partners is delegated to some members of the Healthy World Cooperation. Senior employees can be nominated to become advisory member of the cooperation by putting forward their vision. There is also a certificate-arrangement for a broader group of employees aimed at strengthening their bond with the company..

Three-year plan

We use a three-year plan to put forward a new business strategy, giving us more focus and guidance. This three year plan has as its foundation the philosophy of Schuttelaar & Partners. In its content, we define our focus themes. In these themes, we provide communication and strategic advice aimed at making world healthier and more sustainable place. Technical and social innovations receive special attention as the drivers of the process.

The three-year plan strengthens and connects the operational activities of the various advisory groups. The holding, the new management, the three-year plan are all essential changes, helping the organisation grow in a healthy and sustainable manner in the next 15 years.